'As long as your mine' is the song that Elphaba and Fiyero Tigelaar sing together after they run away from The Wizard. It   is the fourth song in Act 2, and the third Act 2 song to be in the soundtrack. 


Fiyero says that maybe he was brainless, or maybe he was wise, but she got him seeing through other eyes, and they say that, they don't know how long it will last, but however long it did, they would be there, and maybe that was just for that moment, this is one of the only songs in the play that Fiyero sings in, and the only song he just sings with Elphaba. His other songs, are 'Thank Goodnes' and 'Dancing thorough life', he is also there, for the last song in the play, but he does not do much there). This is one of the many song Fiyero is talked about in. This is his second dong in the second act, and his third song in the play, the song after tho one is 'No Good Deed'

Lyrics Edit

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Kiss me too fiercely Hold me too tight I need help believing You're with me tonight My wildest dreamings Could not foresee Lying beside you With you wanting me

And just for this moment As long as you're mine I've lost all resistance And crossed some border line And if it turns out It's over too fast I'll make every last moment last As long as you're mine


Maybe I'm brainless Maybe I'm wise But you've got me seeing Through different eyes Somehow I've fallen Under your spell And somehow I'm feeling It's up that I fell


Every moment As long as you're mine I'll wake up my body And make up for lost time


Say there's no future For us as a pair


And though I may know I don't care Just for this moment  As long as you're mine Come be how you want to And see how bright we shine Borrow the moonlight Until it is through And know I'll be here Holding you As long as you're mine


 What is it?


 It's just...  For the first time...I feel... Wicked!

Facts Edit

  • In the London production, before Elphaba says "It's just for the first time...(etc)" the actress adds "Nothing, nothing" when Fiyero asks "What is it?"
  • Right after this song, when Elphaba goes to find Nessraose, the Dragon moved, symbolizing something bad about to happen.
  • Fiyero had other first lyrics when they made the song, but they were taken out, these are the lyrics; "What am I doing, What's this I feel? The boy who was certain, That love isn't real."