Dear old Shiz is the song where Elphaba first comes into the play, she enters around the same time Galinda does, this is the first song sung in the flashback, and the second song in the play overall. 


This is the first song for Elphaba to be in, which she is shown be made fun of a lot, and it hurts her feelings when she is, therefore she wants to stand up for herself, but shes scare the people still make fun of her. This is one of the 

shorter songs in the play, and one of the less popular songs, it is a song with very hight notes, making the lyrics hard to here. But it has good lyrics, and is a good song. It is very useful for the play, though it does not seem that way, as this the song where Elphaba and G(a)linda first meet, though they do not talk or song with each other in this song, Elphaba does not sing at all in this song, making it one of the few songs without her singing. It is one of the earlier songs in the play, yet it is not one of the first to be made, this song is about Shiz, and what it is like, as well as how to people there feel about it.

Lyrics Edit


O hallowed halls and vine-draped walls The proudliest sight there is (Male: Sight there is) When grey and sere our hair hath turned We shall still revere the lessons learned (Females)In our days at dear old Shiz (Males: dear old Shiz) Our days at dear old



Galinda and Students

Dear old Shiz-zzzz