Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Most likely 13 to 21 (first act) 15 to 23 (second act)
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'7" (first)
Weight Unknown
Let the green girl go!~Fiyero act 2.

Fiyero is a major character in wicked.

Act 1 Edit

Life is painless ~Fiyero, act 1

in act 1 Fiyero enters for the first time, his driver almost runs Elphaba over with his bike. Elphaba yells at Fiyero, and she leaves. He then sing the song Dancing though life about how people should never try to do anything, and should just be mindless and careless. He then tells everyone to go meet a a ballroom that night. And he go's with Galinda Upland. Elphaba is annoyed with him still. That night, when Elphaba comes to the ball, everyone makes fun of her. And Galinda tells him not stare. He later goes and meets Elphaba after Glinda tries to make her popular, he sees her and they talk. When Elphaba gets mad when the lion cub is being hurt she puts a spell on everyone by mistake. But not Fiyero, so he takes the lion cub to free it and Elphaba comes to help. Elphaba tells him that she knows that is shallow like he pretends to be. And he falls in love with her. Later, he is seen saying goodbye to Elphaba when she goes to meet the Wizard.

Act 2 Edit

you know me, I'm always happy.~Fiyero to Glinda act 2.

In act two, he is at first talking about how he thinks Elphaba is wicked. He gets into a fight with Glinda and he leaves. He later helps Elphaba fight the Wizard, and he runs away with her. The two of them sing As Long as You're Mine, but Elphaba sees a house about to crush Nessarose and she leaves. When she comes back after Nessarose's death, she and Glinda argue. She is about to be taken to the Wizard, and Fiyero saves her. He then is tortured but is turned into a scarecrow by Elphaba so he might live; however, she does not think that it worked. He is later said by Elphaba that she and Glinda will never see his face again since he is a scarecrow, but Glinda thinks he is dead. He then comes back knocking on a trapdoor where Elphaba is. The two leave Oz forever.

Personality Edit

But your not, or you would not be so unhappy~Elphaba about Fiyero.

Fiyero acts like, he is careless and not very smart at all As well as very shallow. But Elohaba tells him that she knows that he is not. As it turns out, Fiyero is scsred that life does not matter, so he pretends to be care-free and happy all the time. Everybody falls for it but Elphaba, which is why he fell in love with her. He is not mad when he is turned in a scarecrow, as he knows he would be dead otherwise.

People he knows. Edit

Fiyero knows a few of the characters in the play such as:

Elphaba Thropp Edit

You did the best you could, you saved my life.~Fiyero to Elphaba about being turned into a scarecrow.

Fiyero, at first, is shown to dislike Elphaba and she does not like him. But they later become friends. After they become friends, they save a lion cub together. And they fall in love. He comes to say goodbye to Elphaba when She goes to meet the Wizard. He does not see her for about a year. When he does they fight the Wizard and run away. He later gets turned into a scarecrow.

Glinda Upland Edit

Don' t you' see? He was never going to hurt me!~Glinda about Fiyero.

At first he is in love with her. But he later falls in love with Elphaba. But he is dating Galinda. Galinda sees that he is no longer in love with her, and is upset, So starts calling herself Glinda since that is what Dr. Dillamond, called her so that he will love her. But he does seem to care. He later breaks up with Glinda and runs away with Elphaba. He later lies and says that he will kill Glinda if Elphaba is not released. Bit Glinda then says that she knows he would never hurt her. But he is taken to be killed anyway. And Glinda is upset thinking he is dead.

Boq Edit

Fiyero and Boa are seen not to know each other that well, they don't see each other much in the second act, as in the first. They are first seen when Glinda is talking to Boq when Fiyeor comes she starts talking to him, and Boq gets mad. Fiyero asks Glinda and Boq ifnthey know where the building where Dr. Dillamond teaches is, Boq tells him, but Glinda points out that that the,just ended. Boq is reading a book, Fiyero takes the book and throws it , Boq gets mad chases after it. The two are seen together later in the first act, but with other people, not just with each other. In the second act, they don't see each other. Fiyero never talks about Boq, but Boq says that Fiyero and Glinda will be getting married.

Facts Edit

  • He was first played by Norbert Leo Butz.*
  • He is now played by  Jonah Platt.*

Footnotes (*) Edit