Kristin Chenoweth was the first person to play Glinda in Wicked in 2003. She was in the show for a year.


Kristin Chenoweth

Background. Edit

Kristin Chenoweth was born as Kristin dawn Chenoweth, on July 24, 1968, but her name was later made Kristen, by an N being added at the end. She is best known for her role in Your a goodman Charlie Brown (1999) as Sally Brown. And also, for her role as Glinda is Wicked is 2003, which she got a tony nomination for. She also was in the 1999 Disney film Annie as Lily St. Regis. She was also in the Wicked workshop.

She was also in the play Steel Pier in 1997. She was also in the The Apple tree. In 2006, and in Promises Promises in 2010. As well as other plays, such as things that were off- Broadway. And she was also in Rio 2 in 2014 as Gabi. She was also in The West Wing and another show in which she won a 2009 Emmy Award. She was also in the show Glee and she was also Miss Noodle in the show Sesame Street in 2001, Kristin had her own TV show, called Kristen she was nominated for Emmy awards in 2010 and 2011, she was also in Bewitched in 2005, as well as the The Pink Panther in 2006. She has also hosted many award shows, and has some albums like A Lovely way to spend Christmas in 2008, and Some Lessons Learned in 2011, and Coming Home In 2014. Kristen also had a 2009 memoir, A Little bit Wicked.

She also hurt her neck while in Wicked and had to have a neck brace, which she had to make look like part of what Glinda had on.

On her last show, in Wicked as a joke, she wrote a book called How to be Popular. No one knew about it but her, and everyone was surprised by it, even the current Elphaba Idina Menzel, it is possible that Kristen had wrote the book only seconds before she went on stage.

She has an older brother, named Mark, and she was adopted at only five days old.

In 2015 , she was in the play On the 20th Century