Madame Morrible is a major character is wicked.

You will be making good.~Madame Morrible.


Personality Edit

Madame Morrible is smart, clever, power-hungry, and grouchy. She was happy to see Elphaba's powers, and agreed to train her. But she later turned on Elphaba due to her job with the Wizard, and was the one that everybody that Elphaba was the wicked witch of the west. And she killed Nessarsoe, and was shown not to care when Elphaba 'melted' as she now did not like Elphaba, she was shown as angry when Glinda sent to jail.

Act one. Edit

I'm sure your very bright.~Madame Morrible.

Madame Morrible was the head of Shiz, she first met Elphaba when she came to Shiz, Madame Morrible saw Elphaba's powers, and decided to teach her. Later, when Elphaba was with Dr. Dillimond, Madame Morrible came in. That night, Elphaba told her to teach Glinda too. So Madame Morrible came to tell Glinda while she was with Fiyero. Later, Madame Morrible comes and tells Elphaba that she can go meet the Wizard, when Elphaba goes, she sees that Madame Morrible has a new job working with the Wizard, when Elphaba runs away, Madame Morrible says she is wicked, and hurt the monkeys.

Act two. Edit

And Galinda dear, we are happy for you.~Madame Morrible

In the second act, Madame Morrible is seen much less, and is seen most often with the Wizard, she is first seen when the second act starts in Thank Goodness, she is with Glinda (Who she still calls 'Galinda' sometimes) and Fiyero, she is saying about how Fiyero is now the one that is looking for the wicked witch of the west. Later she is seen with the witch hunters talking to Glinda, she is not after that until the very, Glinda puts her in jail.

People she knows Edit

Madame Morrible knows some of the characters in the play such as;

Elphaba Thropp Edit

I'll write at once to the Wizard.~Madame Morrible.

At first, Madame Morrible is scared of Elphaba's green skin, but when she sees Elphaba do magic, she likes Elphaba and teaches her, she writes to the Wizard and tells him about Elphaba, after that, she comes and tells Elphaba when the Wizard wants to see her. She gives Elphaba the spell book saying that Elphaba might not be able to read it, as she has been working on it for years and can only read a few spells, she is proud when Elphaba can read it, when Elphaba runs away, she tells everyone that Elphaba is wicked, in the next act, she does not she Elphaba but makes up a story about when Elphaba and Glinda met the Wizard, saying that Glinda was the one that had come to see the Wizard all along, she later tells Glinda to pretend she wants the witch hunters to kill Elphaba, she later says that the reason Elphaba was so powerful was since she was a child of two worlds.

Glinda Edit

I hope you prove me wrong ~Madame Morrible/Glinda

Glinda and Madame Morrible are shown to never like each other. At first, she is annoyed when Galinda wants to take the class she teaches, as she seems to think Galinda does not have 'What it takes' she does not the teach the class to Galinda, until Elphaba says she will quit the class if Galinda can not take it as well, since Galinda told Boq to ask Nessarose, Madame Morrible tells Galinda that she does not think Galinda has what it takes and that she hopes she proves her wrong, but does not think she will. Later, she tells Galinda not to touch the spell book in the next act, she pretends too like Glinda, still calling her 'Galinda' she says thT she is happy for Glinda. Later, she tells Glinda to pretend she wants Elphaba to be killed. Glinda says at she hopes Madame Morrible will do well in jail, she says that she does not think Madame Morrible has 'What it takes' and that she hopes she proves her wrong but does not think she will.

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  • Carole Shelley was the first Madame Morrible
  • The Madame Morrible now is Kathy Fitzgerald NOTE: Kathy Fitzgerald will be leaving "Wicked" soon, and a woman named Michele Lee will be taking over. *

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