'March of the witch hunters' is the song the witch hunters sing when they are about to kill Elphaba. This is the third to last song in the play, and the sixth song in Act 2.

Glinda wants to tell everyone the truth about how the Wizard framed Elphaba Thropp.  And tells Madame Morrible to help, but she yells at Glinda not to do so, Glinda leaves to find Elphaba, Boq sings in this song about how she turned him into a tin man, as he does not know that she saved him by doing that, he tries to get the lion to come out and tell about how took him when he was a cub, and did not let fight his own battles, when really she saved him from losing his power to speak, the witch hunters all want to kill her, but Glinda doesn't want them too. This is one of the shortest songs in the play, and one of the less popular ones. This is the song before 'For Good' and the song after 'No Good Deed'.

Lyrics Edit

Sung=Normal text



Go and hunt her And find her And kill her

Vicious Person

Good fortune, Witch Hunters!


Go and hunt her And find her And kill her

Angry Person

 Kill the Witch!


Wickedness must be punished Evil effectively eliminated Wickedness must be punished Kill the Witch!


 And this is more than just a service to the Wizard. I have a personal score to settle with Elphaba...with The Witch!  It's due to her I'm made of tin Her spell made this occur So for once I'm glad I'm heartless I'll be heartless killing her!

(Crowd cheering)

And the lion also has a grievance to repay If she'd let him fight his own battles When he was young He wouldn't be a coward, today!


Kill her! Kill the witch!


Wickedness must be punished Brave Witch-Hunters, I would join you if I could Because Wickedness must be punished Punished Punished For good!