Something bad, is the fifth song in the first act. 


It is after class, someone at the class, it is unknown who wrote 'Animals should be seen and not heard' Dr. Dillamond was upset, and ended the class there, everyone left but Elphaba Thropp and Nessarose. Who as waiting for Elphaba, Elphaba says that she can leave, Elphaba talks to to Dr. Dillamond, the two share lunch, and Dr. Dillamond tells Elphaba that the animals in oz are losing there power to speak, as well as there jobs. He talks about and a teacher at another school who lost his job, since he could not talk, Dr. Dillamond talks about others, who had the same thing happen to them. Elphaba has to go for another class, and tells Dr. Dillamond that someone has to tell the The Wizard, and that that is why they have a Wizard, so nothing bad will happen, Dr. Dillamond tells Elphaba that he hopes that she is right, and that nothing all that bad could happen, hopefully. In This song, he says 'bad' like 'baaaaaaaad', showing that he too, is losing his power to speak. This is one of the less popular songs in the play. The song before this one is 'What is this feeling?'.

Lyrics Edit

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Dr. Dillamond Oh Miss Elphaba, the things one hears these days!

Dreadful things.

I've heard of an Ox, a professor from Quox no longer permitted to teach

who has lost all powers of speech.

And an owly Munchkin lock

A vicar with a thriving flock, forbidden to preach

Now he only can screech!

Only rumors but still enough to gave pause to anyone with paws,

Something bad, is happening in Oz


Something bad, happening in Oz?

Dr. Dillamond

Under the surface,

Behind the scenes,

Something Baaaaaaaad

Sorry, bad

Elphaba Dr. Dillamond, If something's bad to the Animals,

Someone has to tell the Wizard,

That's why we have a Wizard.

So nothing bad.....

Dr. Dillamond

I hope you're right.


Nothing all that bad.

Dr. Dillamond

Nothing truly,


Sorry, bad.


It couldn't happen here,

In Oz...