NOTE: You may be looking for the character called the wicked witch of the east. If so, see Nessarose.

'Wicked witch of the east' Is the song Elphaba and Boq sing with Nessarose Thropp. It is the second song in Act 2, but was removed from the soundtrack and can only be heard if you see the play.


It is sung when Elphaba comes to see Nessarose and her father, when she later finds out the father is dead. Nessarose, is mad, since Elphaba tries to save all the animals, but never tired to help her. Elphaba, feels bad, and puts a spell on Nessarose's shoes, so that she can walk, Nessarose, says that her shoes feel like there on fire. She then tries to walk, she thinks that, if Boq sees that he can walk he will want to date her. She calls him in, when he comes, he sees that she can walk, he thinks that, now that she can walk, she won't mind leaving to see Glinda. He tells her this, and she gets mad. She tries to find a spell that will make him 'Lose his heart to her', a spell that will make him love her. But, she, unlike Elphaba, can't say the words to the spell right. Elphaba tells her, but she does not stop, thinking it will work. By mistake, she Boq start to lose his heart. She tells Elphaba to save him. Elphaba says that, one a spell has been done, it can't be undone. (As when she made the monkeys fly, she wanted to take the spell back since it hurt them, But Madame Morrible had said she could not take the spell back once it had been done.). She tries anyway to save Boq with another spell. She can, but it turns him into a tin man. So, he can live without a heart. She leaves. The song before this is Thank Goodness.

Lyrics. Edit

NESSAROSE (spoken) Elphaba, shut up! First of all, I can't harbor a fugitive, I am an unelected official. And why should I help you?


(spoken) You fly all around Oz trying to rescue Animals you've never even met, and not once did you ever think to use your powers to rescue me!
(sung) All of my life I've depended on you, how do you think that feels? All of my life I've depended on you, and this hideous chair with wheels Scrounging for scraps of pity to pick up and longing to kick up my heels

ELPHABA: (spoken) Nessa, there isn't a spell for everything! The power is mysterious. It's not like cobbling up a pair of... Wait. (chanting)Ambulahn Dare Pahto Pahpoot Ambulahn Dasca Caldapess Lahfenahto Lahfenahtum Pede Pede Caldapess...

NESSA: (As Elphaba chants) What are you doing? What does that mean? Oh! My shoes! They feel like they're on fire! What have you done to my shoes? (Nessa attempts so stand, then falls down) No! No, don't help me. (She tries again and successfully stands)

ELPHABA: (spoken) Oh Nessa! At last! (sung) I've done what long ago I should, and finally from these powers something good! Finally! Something good...

NESSA: (spoken) Boq! Boq, come quickly! Boq, come here at once!

ELPHABA: No, Nessa, wait, no one can know I'm here–

BOQ: Yes, what is it, Madame Governor? (sees Elphaba) YOU! Stay back!

ELPHABA: Boq, it's just me. I'm not going to hurt you.

BOQ: You're lying! That's all you ever do. You and your sister... she's as wicked as you are!

ELPHABA: What are you talking about?

BOQ: I'm talking about my life! The little that's left of it. I'm not free to leave Munchkinland, none of us are! Ever since she took power, she's been stripping the Munchkins of all our rights – and we didn't have many to begin with! And do you know why?

NESSA: To keep you here with me! But none of that matters anymore. Look! (stands up)

BOQ: (to Elphaba) You did this, for her?

NESSA: For both of us.

BOQ: Oh Nessa. This changes everything.

NESSA: I know.

BOQ: (sung) Nessa,


BOQ: Uh, Nessa, Surely now I'll matter less, to you And you won't mind my leaving here tonight?

NESSA: Leaving?

BOQ: Yes! That ball that's being staged, announcing Glinda is engaged to Fiyero!

NESSA: Glinda?

BOQ: Yes, Nessa that's right! And I've got to go appeal to her, express the way I feel to her... (spoken) Oh Nessa, I lost my heart to Glinda the moment I first saw her. You know that.

NESSA: ...Lost your heart? Well, we'll see about that!

ELPHABA: Nessa, let him go.

NESSA: Did you think I'd let you leave me here flat?

BOQ: Don't come any closer!

NESSA: (sung)You'll lose your heart to me, I tell you! If I have to... I have to... magic spell you! (chanting)Ah... Tum... Core... Tum... Ah... Tum... Tah... Tayk–

ELPHABA: (As Nessa chants) Nessa, no, it's dangerous...

BOQ: What's she doing?

ELPHABA: You're pronouncing the words all wrong...

BOQ: I'm warning you! Don't try to stop me! Oh!


NESSA: (stops chanting) Boq, what is it?

BOQ: My heart... it feels... it feels like it's shrinking!

NESSA: Oh, Elphaba, do something!

ELPHABA: I can't. You can't reverse a spell once it's been cast.

NESSA: Whatever will we do? This is all your fault! If you hadn't shown me that horrendible book...

ELPHABA: Hush, will you? I've got to find another spell. It's the only thing that might work.

NESAA: (Sung) Save him, Please, just save him, My poor Boq, my sweet, my brave him Don't leave me till my sorry life has ceased...

ELPHABA: (Chanting in harmony)Vivahlos Vivahlos Meno Non Cordo Meno Vivahlos Vivahlos Meno Non Cordo...

NESSA: ...Alone and loveless here, With just the girl in the mirror Just her and me, The Wicked Witch of the East... We deserve each other...