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Elphaba Thropp

Elphaba is the play's main character, she is known for being the wicked witch of the west, this play shows the story of what her life was like before the play is shown, her story stars as she is being born, the midwife and Father of her are scared when she is born green, the midwife soon does not mind Elphaba's green skin, and takes her, and gives her to the father. But Elphaba's parents feel no need to have a child with green skin, and tell the midwife to take her away. But, they end up taking her, even if they are not mind to her. Years later, she is going to Shiz with younger half-sister Nessarose Thropp Thought to be Elphaba's full-sister. Elphaba is mad when the teacher Madame Morrible what's to push Nessarose's wheelchair, by mistake, Elphaba make her sister's wheelchair fly out of Morrible's hands, and into Elphaba's, Morrible is surprised, when she finds out thing like that had gone on to Elphaba before, she decides to teach Elphaba herself. Things are going fine for Elphaba, and they go great when she finds out she might get to work with The Wizard but she will need a roommate, when she gets one, it's a roommate she wished she would never have Glinda Upland at the time, known as Galinda. The two hate each other. The nest day at class, they fight. When Fiyero comes, Elphaba finds another person she does not like. But, Elphaba and Galina become best friends. And Elphaba even becomes friends with Fiyero. Things are going well, until Elphaba's goat teacher Dr. Dillamond is being taken away from Shiz. But, things are almost made up for when Elphaba finds out she will get to work with the Wizard, she is about to go, when Galinda changes her name to Glinda to make Fiyero happy, he doesn't really seem to care. So, Elphaba feels bad, and tells Glinda to come with her. They meet the Wizard, but find out he's taking the animals power to speak. Elphaba runs away. She is deemed as wicked, though she was only saving the animals. Everyone is trying to find her. When she comes, she is happy to see Glinda, her best friend. She almost agrees to work with the Wizard, but finds out he took her teacher power to speak, she leaves, but this time with Fiyero. Glinda is mad. The next time Elphaba is go's back, is to try to save her half-sister Nessarose from being killed by Madame Morrible and the Wizard. She fails, and she gets into a fight with Glinda. She is about to be taken by the Wozard, when Fiyero saves her. But, Fiyero is taken instead. Elphaba tries to cast a spell to save him, but fails. She decides to become wicked. She never really go's wicked, though. It's was more of a title then a thing she would do. Glinda comes to tell her to stop, and also to tell that people are coming to catch her. Elphaba gets a letter. She tells Glinda the letter says Fiyero has died. Elphaba and Glinda forgive each other, and say goodbye. Elphaba is 'melted' and Glinda, sadly returns to her home, where it is found out, Elphaba is the child of the Wizard, Gllinda kicks him out of oz, and puts Moreible is jail. Elphaba comes out of the trap-door alive and well. Fiyero, who is now a scarecrow, comes, showing that the letter was a note from Fiyero, with a plan for Elphaba to live. The two leave oz. For more in this topic, see Elphaba Thropp